Opening Pandora's Box:
What to Read after Percy Jackson

Presentation for the Louisiana Library Association
March 2011

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Pandora's Box Readers' Theater

Oh.My.Gods and Goddess Bootcamp, by Tera Lynn Childs

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Juliet Dove, Queen of Love, by Bruce Coville

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The Fire Thief, by Tony Deary

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The Fire Thief, YouTube Video

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I am Prometheus

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Corydon, by Tobias Druitt

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Goddesses, by Clea Hantman

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Daughters of Zeus: Who Were the Muses? Animoto Video

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The Pandy Tales, by Carolyn Hennesy

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Goddess Girls, by Ann Holub

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Greek Myths Western Style: Toga Tales with an Attitude, Barbara McBride-Smith

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Tales from the Odyssey, by Mary Pope Osborne

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Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series, by Rick Riordan

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Percy Jackson Series Glog

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Lightning Thief, Readers' Theater

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It's All Greek To Me, by Jon Sciezka

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Dreadlocks, by Neal Shusterman

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The Eyes of Kid Midas, by Neal Shusterman

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The Pig Scrolls, by Paul Shipton

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Dussie, by Nancy Springer

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Radient Darkness, by Emily Whitman

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Greek Mythology Jeopardy

Greek Mythology PPT Activity


Who Wants to be a Mythology Millionaire?